Custom Pinball Trophies

Finally a trophy made just for Pinball!

These were originally designed for Bill of Free State Pinball Association for the Fall 2008 winners. Bill has contributed many ideas and suggestions into creating this trophy and deserves to be recognized for his contributions. Thanks Bill for all your help.

Trophy’s are made of a solid plastic and are heavy. The legs are made from brass tubing and then 2 part epoxy to the base of the cabinet.

All trophy’s have a laser engraved plate for the back glass and playfield. Plates come in two different colors, gold and silver. You can customize both plates with an image and/or wording. We ask that you send an e-mail on what verbiage and image you would like on your trophy.

Trophy’s come in 3 standard colors Gold, Silver, Bronze. All of the trophy’s can be custom painted to a wide variety of colors and textured finishes such as candies, glow, flakes, pearls, and many more. This is an additional charge, for prices on this please e-mail me for a quote:

Trophy’s are all hand made and do require some time. With this in mind we ask that you place your order for them about 4-6 weeks or more before you need them. Even if you do not know the names of the winners to be laser on the plaques this will allow us the time we need to make the trophy itself and have it all ready for the laser when you have the names.

Shipping of the trophy is done in a well padded box with plenty of foam around it to protect it during its bumpy ride to you. Also shipping is not included in the prices below. After your item is done and boxed I will send you an e-mail and a PayPal request for the shipping.

Trophy sizes:

Complete with legs and base: 9 H x 5 W x 7 L

Complete with legs no base: 8 H x 3 W x 6 L

Trophy no legs on base: 7 H x 5 W x 7 L

Trophy no legs no base: 6 H x 3 W x 6 L