Mold Making / Prototype

At Back Alley Creations we are set up to cast and mold professionally using modern techniques, tools and up to date materials. We can mold your existing masters or tool new ones from scratch. After that we can cast as many as you require. Some of the materials we work with are:
Custom Color Based Resins
Cold Cast in Metal Powders
Clear Resins
Foam-Many Shore Ratio from Rock Hard to Super Soft
And Many More.....

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Clay Sculpt Final Piece
Above you can see an example of a simple item that we did for a Pirates of the Caribbean pinball. We sculpted a sand base and barrel out of clay and made our molds. Final product was made from a white resin and then hand painted and airbrushed .

Original and 1PCS Mold / Final Piece
Above you can see an example of a one-piece mold used to create this Davy Jones Cannon. Original was carved out of a white wax and then to save time real shells where attached. After that a mold was poured and the final product was again made from a white resin. Lastly the final piece was airbrush and moss applied along with other hardware.

Mold Making

Above you can see another example of a one-piece mold. This original was hand carved out of 3 pieces of wood. A silicone mold was cast and the final product was poured out of a lightweight resin. Final other decorative sea life pieces where sculpted and cast and applied to the final product. Airbrushing followed along with adding final hardware for install.

Mold Half

Mold Half

Above you can see an example of a 2-piece mold being created for a solid brass pinball trophy. Both halves of the mold were pored and locking point installed for proper lining up of the mold.

Above you can see a few of the trophies we created out of plaster for our client using the 2-piece mold.

Above is the final product. Trophies where primed and then painted with a graphite gray paint. Giving the final product more of a metal look to it. Also, we laser some custom plates for each off them and attach felt bottoms.

Check back for some more examples of our mold making and casting in other materials.