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Matt The Owner

Matt Riesterer started Back Alley Creations with the development of the “Black Pearl Pinball.” The original “Black Pearl Pinball” was the first creation that he did for Stern's 2006 “Pirates of the Caribbean” pinball machine. The “Black Pearl Pinball” was where Back Alley Creations took off.

Matt started using his experience in metal fabrication, prop design, sculpting and molding to start creating things that he felt needed to be included in pinball machines. Matt's eye for detail and precision allowed him to create full detailed parts to enhance the beauty of pinball. During this time, Matt created more detailed parts to be added to Stern's 2007 “Spiderman” Pinball, as well as many other popular pinball machines. Matt's artistic eye also saw a need to offer custom colors for pinball hardware to showcase the beauty of the pinball playfield. Matt Started offering custom powder coating on Stern's 2006 “Pirates of the Caribbean” and well the rest is history.

In 2011, Back Alley Creations was hired by Jersey Jack Pinball to design and sculpt the original toys for its 2013 “Wizard of Oz” pinball machine. We have had the pleasure of designing and sculpting for Jersey Jack's 2017 “The Hobbit” pinball, 2018 “Dialed In” pinball, and have worked extensively with them on their “Pirates of the Caribbean” pinball sculpting some of the original toys as well as mass producing a lot of the toy parts for most of their games.

Back Alley Creations also continues to design, create and mass produce toys for Spooky Pinball. We have worked closely with Spooky Pinball and are proud to have created the toys for their 2016 “Rob Zombie's Spookshow International”, 2017 “Domino's Spectacular Pinball Adventure”,2018 “The Jetsons”, 2019 “Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle” and 2020 "Rick and Morty".

In 2016, Back Alley Creations finalized a deal with Planetary Pinball to make licensed Williams Pinball Mods, as well as remake some old stock parts for them.

Back Alley Creations was also contracted to design, create and mass produce the toys for American Pinball's 2018 “Houdini: Master of Mystery” pinball machine, and the 2019 "Oktoberfest" pinball machine.

In 2018/19 Back Alley Creations was hired by Chicago Gaming to paint the all Frankenstein toys for "Monster Bash" Pinball. Then in 2019 hired to work with them on there amazing topper for "Medieval Madness" pinball machine refining, molding, casting and painting it.


Back Alley Creations is proud to still be a custom shop, where everything is created and molded to exact detail. Our attention to detail and passion shows in every part we create.

Contact Matt: info@backalleycreations.com

Phone: (219) 306-6590

Address: PO Box 1063 Schererville, IN 46375

Jersey Jack Pinball                                                            

Wizard of OZ

The Hobbit

Dialed In (original Station 3 Building)

Pirates of the Caribbean

Spooky Pinball

Rob Zombie's Spookshow International

Domino's Pizza

The Jetsons

Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

Rick and Morty

American Pinball

Houdini: Master of Mystery


Heighway Pinball


 Chicago Gaming

Monster Bash (Frankenstein Paint Job)

Medieval Madness (Topper)


Below are a list of some of Companies that we have had the privilege of working with.