LE Sparkle Green with Clear Coin Door Powder Coating Service

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Your personal coin door is all powder coated Sparkle Green to match the LE version of the game. All pieces of the coin door are sand blasted to insure the maximum adhesion of the powder. Powder coating is great stuff. It is very durable and stronger than any paint that you would spray on.

***TO SAVE EVERYONE MONEY I use your personal hardware. What I ask customers to do is, send me their coin door with the mech's removed. After they are painted and ready to ship I will send you a pay-pal request for the shipping. If you have any questions about this please contact me.*** info@backalleycreations.com

*** This is for a paint/powder coating job on "YOUR" personal coin door. You are NOT buying a coin door that is pre-painted.

You are buying the process of having it done to your coin door!***