Deposit-Castle Stone Apron Mod w/ Blue Skull and LED Spot Light

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**This is for a deposit, balance of $349 and any additional shipping will be charged when mod is ready to ship. Please allow 4 weeks for this mod from purchase date**

***Install videos are listed below***

Looking for a way to dramatically enhance the initial look of your new pinball machine when you walk up to it?....look no further than this hand sculpted apron mod with glow in the dark accents and lighting features. Sculpted in the same style that Back Alley is known for , this apron mod welcomes you when you walk up to the game in a big way! In keeping with the creepy nature of the game, we have added a few glow in the dark accents such as the lettering as well as the spider webs. Also here to say hello is the Skull sculpt under the dome on the shooter lane that gets his own custom fabricated metal base finished in a violet powder coat to coordinate with the violet wire form in the game. There are also two led lighting features built in the apron. We wanted to cast a red glow on the Skull to deliver an eerie look!  We have also replaced the spot light under the front edge of the existing apron with a fabricated metal bracket that will be powder coated and contain a low profile led strip. Everything on this apron will be plug and play and take only minutes to install. It was hard to find ways to enhance such a beautiful game already that the manufacturer has brought to us, but we think this one delivers in a big way.